Trade name (DBA) :  REDES Inc. 

Business registration in 2011, Incooporated in 2012 (Tokyo, Japan)

🌏 Description of our services:  

[By type]  

Special assistance for Loan programs' implementation,  basic design survey for Grant project, prepartory survey of technical cooperation project, project evaliuation & monitoring,  feasibility survey of SME's oversea business, and other domestice social & market surveys.

[By assignment]  

Program officer (economic & social Infrastructure), consultant for results monitoring (loan program), project evaluation (grant / technical cooperation), expert in education policy etc. 

[By region & country] 

Asia pacific : Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Laos, Viet Nam, China, Japan
Eastern Europe : Servia, Albania, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, Moldva
Middle East Arabic: Jordan
Nothern Africa: Ethiopea, Burkina Faso
Southern Africa: Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius
Latin America & Carribean: Argentina, Chile, Colombia 

[Major clients]   Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, private consulting companies