'Assistance for Loan Program in Africa'


Special Assisstance for Loan Program Implementation in Africa (Advisor, 2014~2018);    The African continent, far away from Asia, is an important supplier of coffee, cocoa, seafood, vegetables, and mineral resources. However, many countries in Africa face inadequate infrastructure development and poverty issues. Through JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), REDES has been responsible for supporting the implementation of loan programs and its projects for economic infrastructure facilities such as roads, ports, and power plants in Mozambique.   This involves conducting obstacle analysis and proposing countermeasures. REDES has been engaged in collaborative efforts with the African Development Bank (AfDB), providing capacity-building training and coordinated financing using PMBOK® and PCM (Project Cycle Management) approaches to supervisory organizations and counterparts.

アジアから遠く離れたアフリカ大陸はコーヒー・カカオ・海産物・野菜等の食品に加え鉱物資源の重要供給地でありながら多くの国でインフラ整備が不十分で貧困問題も抱えています。レデスは,モザンビークで国際協力機構(JICA)を通じ日本が支援する道路・港湾・発電所等の経済基盤施設のための融資事業の実施支援を担当し,阻害要因分析と対策の提案. 監督組織・カウンターパートへのPMBOK®やPCM(Project cycle management)を用いた能力育成研修や協調融資を行うアフリカ開発銀行(AfDB)との連携業務に従事しました。

写真(左より):ナカラ港湾開発事業(1) (L/A 2013), マンディンバ‐リシンガ間道路改善事業(L/A 2013), マプト・ガス複合式火力発電所整備事業(L/A2014), ナカラ港湾開発事業(2) (L/A 2015), (©JICA)

What sort of Country is Monzambique?    A beautiful country in Southern Africa facing the Indian Ocean.


Country Introduction:   Mozambique is a naturally abundant country situated along the Indian Ocean, with a land area of 802,000 km2, twice the size of Japan. The main languages spoken in daily life are the diverse regional Bantu and Swahili languages. However, due to Portugal's colonization that began in the early 16th century and lasted until the late 20th century, many people speak Portuguese, which has become the official language. Mozambique achieved independence in 1975 and has since made progress in economic growth and social development, despite facing periods of internal conflicts and instability.  The development of economic infrastructure is a critical aspect of Mozambique's growth. Additionally, although the country enjoys a warm climate, it is prone to annual cyclones, floods, and landslides, making disaster prevention a crucial challenge.

お国紹介:モザンビークはインド洋に面した自然豊かな国で、国土は802,000 km2と日本の2倍の大きさです。生活の主要言語は多様な地域性をもつバンドゥ語とスワヒリ語ですが, 16世紀初めにポルトガル植民地化がはじまり20世紀の後半まで続いたため、ポルトガル語を話す人たちが多く, 公用語となっています。1975年に独立を達成し、内戦と前進の不安定な二面性をもちながらも経済成長と社会発展を進めてきました。 経済基盤の整備はモザンビークの成長に重要なテーマであるほか、温暖な気候ながら毎年サイクロンに見舞われ洪水・土砂災害も多発するため, 防災もまた重要な課題となっています

Historical Stroll:     The relationship between Japan and Mozambique dates back to ancient times, even during the Warring States period. Portuguese missionaries of that era traveled through Mozambique and eventually arrived in Japan. They brought with them robust Mozambican individuals, whom they had enslaved, and presented them as gifts to Oda Nobunaga. One of these individuals was a tall and strong young man named Yasuke, who gained favor with Nobunaga and rose through the ranks to become a loyal retainer (pictured in the center holding an umbrella).

On June 2, 1582, during the Honnoji Incident, Yasuke was staying at Honnoji Temple. When he witnessed the attack by Akechi Mitsuhide, he rushed to Nijo Castle to inform them of the emergency. It is said that he fought against Akechi's forces and protected Oda Nobunaga's successor, Oda Nobutada (Source: Yasuke Wikipedia).

(Note: The text provides a historical account of the relationship between Japan and Mozambique, focusing on the presence of Yasuke, an African warrior, in Japan during the Warring States period.)

歴史散歩:日本とモザンビークの関係は, はるか昔, 戦国時代にまでさかのぼります。当時のポルトガル人宣教師が乗った船はモザンビークを経由して日本に来たのです。彼らは身体が頑強なモザンビーク人を奴隷として乗船させ, 織田信長に献上したそうです。そのひとりが弥助(やすけ)と呼ばれる背の高い青年で、信長に気に入られ, 忠誠心もあり家臣にまで出世したと伝えられます(右図の中央:傘持ちをする弥助)。天正10年(1582年)6月2日の本能寺の変の日, 弥助は本能寺に滞在しており、明智光秀の襲撃を目のあたりにするやいなや, 二条新御所に駆け参じて異変を知らせたうえ, 明智軍と戦って 信長の後継者であった織田信忠を守ったといわれます(出所:弥助 Wikipedia)。

Photos from left:  Wild animals, Ocean, Mountains and Capital City Maputo