'Infrastracture development in Oceania' 


Project formulation cooperation/ Management of Scope of Works (2019~2022):     The Oceania Region, which is composed of thousands of islands in Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia, has experienced continuous growth in industries such as agrifishery, mining, and tourism. Their vast exclusive economic zone (EEZ) provides a variety of seafood, minerals, and other energy resources, fostering mutually beneficial relationships between the Oceania islands and Asian countries.

In collaboration with JICA, we dispatched our staff to Papua New Guinea as experts in economic infrastructure project management. They worked closely with the government and the public of Papua New Guinea on projects related to electronic networks, water supply and treatment, airports, seaports, natural disaster management, gender development, and more.

ポリネシア, ミクロネシア, メラネシア海域を擁する大洋州の島嶼国は、農林水産, 観光, 鉱工業の分野で成長を続けています。広大な排他的経済水域は水産・鉱物・エネルギー資源の供給地でありアジア諸国とのさらなる互恵関係が期待されています。レデスはメラニシア海域のパプアニューギニアで経済基盤・インフラ開発支援を進める国際協力機構(JICA)に協力し, 企画調査員として電力網, 上下水, 空港, 港湾, マーケット経営, 防災, ジェンダー主流化等の分野でプロジェクト形成や事業管理に従事しました。

photos from the left:  Market of Babcoli Village, Fish Market at the beach,  Nazab Airport  (©JICA),  The procession of International Women's Day (©JICA)

What sort of country is Papua New Guinea? - Country full of natural blessings and mystries. 

Papua New Guinea is located in the eastern part of the New Guinea island, adjacent to Indonesia. The country is home to around 800 tribes, each with its own languages, traditions, and distinct diversity across different regions. Their coffee, cocoa, and vanilla are highly recognized as quality agricultural products. The country's deep green mountains attract numerous climbers and trekkers, while divers are mesmerized by the cobalt blue oceans, where dolphins thrive among vibrant coral reefs.     

パプアニューギニアはインドネシアと陸続きのニューギニア島東部の国です。部族数は800を超え言語や伝統風習にも多様性・地域性が色濃いのが特徴です。コーヒーやココアやバニラは世界的に良品として有名な農産物です。緑豊かな山々はトレッキング・クライマーを惹きつけ, サンゴ礁が広がりイルカが子育てをする美しい海は世界のダイバーを魅了しています。

photos from the left: Traditional Dancing at festivals, Dolphine pods, Sea turtle in coral reef (Kokopo Rabaul), Era Beach of Orange Sunset, Tabul Tabul Mountain